To Whom It May Concern:

            My name is Mia Lambson. I am an artist, snowboarder, outdoor enthusiast, music junkie, computer nerd, and dog lover. I am a Filmer, I am an Editor, and I am so obnoxiously passionate about all of the above.
            I have worked tirelessly over the past 6 years to make a name for myself as a Filmer & Editor in the Action Sports industry, and as I reach a place where I feel like I have accomplished my goals, I’m ready to set my sights on new subjects and challenges. 
Although on paper, my qualifications may not be exactly what you had in mind for this position; let me tell you why I think I could be what you didn’t know you were looking for.
            I live outside of my comfort zone, and thrive when faced with new challenges and opportunities. I am conditioned to working in a fast-paced and self-managed environment, where I face tight deadlines while overseeing every aspect of the project.
Working outdoors and with athletes has trained me to get the “A” shot every time, because if you miss Red Gerard’s winning Triple Cork 1440, you do not get another take. The luxury of shooting multiple takes in a controlled studio setting can be nice, but shooting action and B-roll outdoors, with every possible lighting scenario and element, has prepared me for anything. A studio does not teach you how to adapt to rapidly changing conditions like shooting outdoors will.
Creating daily recaps for the world’s largest Snowboard media company at major events like X-Games, Dew Tour and the U.S. Open has taught me how to hustle.
When I say “hustle” I mean filming non-stop action, B-roll and interviews from sun-up to sun-down, editing till your eyelids turn to lead, then getting the highlight reels online before you hit the hay.
 I live for days like this, does that make me a masochist? Maybe, but I prefer the term “passionate”.
            The greatest creations can often stem from new perspectives. Although I don’t have a traditional advertising or marketing background, I think that could be an advantage rather than a drawback. I may approach some projects in an unconventional way, but maybe that will be what gives the project a needed edge, or makes someone look twice.
As much as I love the Action Sports industry, it’s time for me to move on and expand my filming into a new setting.  I’m hoping that new setting could be at Fusion 360. 


Senior Videographer
The Enthusiastic Network                                                                                                      Nov ‘15 – Current
Work with top professional athletes to create captivating video for web and social media.  
Film as a part of a team, as well as an individual, capturing action & B-roll video in settings that range from studios to remote mountain locations.
Edit and film on location around the world for Snowboarder Mag & Transworld web movie projects, and produce original web videos.
Stay on schedule & work with tight turn-around times (frequently same day & 24 hr turn around times)
Keep all of my footage well organized, labeled and backed up to a second source.
Maintain all equipment, and take responsibility for transporting all equipment to and from all film locations.
Use professional lighting and sound systems to capture interviews and curated video.
Edit event and paid web videos, as well as edit all corresponding Instagram & social media videos.

Media Coordinator/ Lead Filmer
Brighton Resort                                                                                                                    Nov ’12 – May ‘15
Film & Edit action sports, lifestyle and commercial footage for Brighton Resort
Communicate with outside companies, brands and people involved in the snowboarding industry, coordinating new partnerships and collaborative media projects. 
Negotiate media/marketing contracts and deals with above said partners.
Create a clear filing and labeling system for all Brighton footage and photos.
Re-name and file old photos/footage onto the master drive
Make sure all contests, events and other projects are being covered by staff photographers and filmers.
CreateMedia staff job descriptions
Create and manage the Brighton Media Team master schedule.
Distribute tasks to the other filmers and photographers.
Assist Marketing Director with creating and managing the Brighton Media Team budget.
Promote contests, events and other projects on social media outlets such as Instagram and Facebook.
Oversee content produced by the Brighton filmers and photographers, exercising quality control.

Filmer/Editor (Contracted)
Electric California                                                                                                                               2013-2014
Created “organic” video content showcasing Electric Visual products and ambassadors.
Meticulously log, label and file raw footage for company’s future use.
Helped create various in-house storyboarding videos as well as marketing videos to be published on Instagram and web platforms.
Shot Electric Visual products in flattering, organic settings, making sure the item was shown well.
Worked as a sole videographer/director/editor as well as a part of a team to produce high-quality videos.

Transworld “30 Under 30” featured videographer [Read Article Here]
Snowboarder Mag official film crew for all major snowboarding events 2012-2017
AC and Camera 2 for “The Chef’s Feed” Utah featured culinary videos
Film/Edit/Produce commercial and product videos for major companies such as Volcom, Eletric, Bonfire etc.
Film/ Edited Live musical performances and music videos for various artists
Have filmed with notorious athletes in a professional setting, such as Red Gerard, Shaun White, ect.

Salt Lake Community College                                                                           Technical Film Degree (2 year)
Cedar City High School                                                                                                         General Diploma

Sony A7s
Panasonic AF100
Panasonic AC160
Sony RX100 MK5
Century Xtreme Fisheye lens
Canon 814 Super 8mm
Manfroto fluid head tripod
Various lighting accessories
Mac Book Pro
Adobe Creative Cloud (including Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere Pro, After Effects, ect.)
Microsoft Office Suite

Advanced skills in Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Illustrator, After Effects and Photoshop
Advanced skills in Final Cut Pro 7 & 10, Color, Motion and Compressor
Advanced knowledge and ability to operate various professional Panasonic, Sony and 8mm cameras
Experience using RED cameras and processing/editing RED and other 5K footage
Ability to work with others as a team, as well as complete projects single-handedly.
Positive, motivated and well organized
Emphasis in Action Sports and outdoor film & photography as a 1-person production team
Advanced knowledge in digital as well as analog film photography and videography

Tom Monterosso
Editor, Snowboarder magazine
Zach Nigro
Brand Manager, Burton Snowboards
Jared Winkler
PR/Marketing, Brighton Resort

Current Examples of my work can be viewed at 

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